On the 7 August 2021, at exactly 2:00pm Nigerian local time, Jela’s Development Initiatives (JDI) paid us a courtesy visit and engaged the children in the area of games, drawings, painting, dancing to mention but few.

The children were amazed and very responsive to the Jela’s Development Initiatives (JDI) and also request that the organization should revisit them again.

During the drawing exercise, an orphan by name Samuel Igo captured the organization’s attention with his amazing drawing skills and the JDI promises to buy his drawing. The Orphan actually drew a  clear and  well coloured beautiful flower.

JDI is a non-governmental organization that provides opportunity for individuals irrespective of their socio-economic background to access to clean water, blood donors and mental healthcare through a network of dedicated volunteers.

The purpose of their visit was to engage the children to help their Leadership Exchange Programme (LEP) participants understand the place of empathy in community and peace-building as well as giving them an opportunity to hear the stories of the children.

The management, staff and children’s of Rachels for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Kurudu, Abuja-Nigeria, appreciates your visit to the fullest. God will continue to put smiles on your faces. 

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